Come Up Higher!

Text : Rev 4:1, Psalm 24, Ps 61:2, Is 55:9

Key pointers to Reflect, Ponder and Prophetically Act Upon!

  • During a Lockdown, do not breakdown but Breakout! Refer to the Sermon last Sunday on “Busting Barriers through Breakout Mindsets”
  • What Barriers are you wanting to break today?
  • God is telling you to Come Up Higher! There are no limitations in the Spirit realm! Let us go higher!
  • Let us see the open door of God and begin to go higher!
  • How would you prepare your spirit to go higher?
  • What Open doors of God’s Revelation that you are pressing in to see them open?
  • What would you do today to press through those open doors and go up higher?

Prayer Guide:

  • Pray for Fresh Revelation from on High now!
  • Ask God to give us His perspective of the situation in Thailand and the nations
  • Ask God to take our spirits higher and soar with Him…What did you see?
  • Receive Revelation and Decree them into reality now!
  • Praise God that this is the beginning of going higher everyday!