Living Streams Chaiyapoom

From door to door evangelism, we bring His glorious presences to every household in Thep Sathit community!

In 2014, we sent a mission team of 30 to evangelize in four villages of BanRai, Thep Sathit District. This is a mountain area close to Pa Hin Ngam National Park. At that time, there was not a single church in the area. Our team went door to door sharing the Gospel of Christ, inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit. The villagers felt His presence and many were miraculously healed and opened their hearts to Christ. We also had a mobile clinic and reached out to the poor providing aid for necessities. After that initial outreach, we had a “Miracle Night” at Ban Nong Yai school. About 300 people came and many were touched and verbally accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Living Streams Chaiyapoom was officially founded on July 9, 2014 at Rai Mana, Ban Nong Yai village,  subdistrict Banrai. (500 kilometers away from the national park). The church has been growing and now we have established a church building and praying tower. There are now regular Wednesday services and meetings in 7 house churches.

Brothers and sisters here are spiritually built on the word of God so they have a very strong foundation in their faith, experiencing amazing miracles. Many have been miraculously set free from debts and enjoy a better quality of life. Lands are recovered and agricultural activities have become fruitful.

From 2019, the ministry has expanded to 2 more districts and have 12 house churches running weekly.

We believe that God gave us this land to be an end time mountain of revival. This is also a Holy Spirit filled prayer mountain that will be instrumental in bringing many into the Kingdom.

Contact Information

Venue : Rai Manna Resort, Ban Nong Yai Village, subdistrict Banrai, Thep Sathit District, Chaiyapoom.

Pastor Suriyan Anupa : 0878009739