Living Streams Pakchong Ministry

God gave us a vision that our mission will be expanded to the northeast area of Thailand and that was the start of Living Streams Pakchong Ministry!  Extending our mission from Chaiyapoom to Pakchong, this was the district (amphoe) en route to Korat, the door to Esan which is the northeast region of Thailand.

We have started to share the Good News to the people in Pakchong from 2015. Teams from the church and international church alliances share the gospel weekly. Our house church service has the meeting every week. There are many testimonies about people getting miraculously healed and being free from debts. The new believers are faithfully following Christ and boldly share the testimonies to their neighbours. They have great faith in laying hand on people, doing signs and wonders. The ministry is continually growing and we welcome you to visit and join us in our ministry.

Living Streams Pakchong Ministry has 3 house church meetings every week and we also gather on Sunday to worship together with Living Streams Bangkok via online channel.

Contact Information

Pastor Suriyan Anupa : 0878009739