Welcome Back to Our Worship Services!

As Thailand’s situation of COVID-19 is now safer, the government has started to relax the measure and allow the churches to have physical services again. Living Streams will then start to resume our service again from Sunday 21 June 2020 at 6th floor auditorium, CCT building. The services will still continue in the same format which is 1st service : 9.30am (Eng – Thai) and 11:30am (Eng only)

Those who would like to attend the services stilll have to follow all of the precautionary measure and observe social distancing strictly.

1. Pre-registration

In order to keep proper social distancing, we will be limited to 200 seats per service only. Every members attended the services will also be required to register their name and contact information.

(Please see below for the detail on how to register)

Note : Registration will be completed upon receiving the confirmation only

2.Practice Good Hygiene

  1. ALWAYS wear face mask
  2. Wash hands often with soap and water or the alchohol-based hand rub provided.
  3. Keep social distancing and minimize contact

The church will also implement thermo scan at the door for all attending the service, regular cleaning of the auditorium before and after services.

3. Watch Online

Our services will be livestreamed on both Youtube and Facebook. Those who are at risk, eldery and young children are encouraged to join the service by watching online.

STEPS to Register for joining Living Streams Services

6th floor auditorium, CCT building

Every Sunday – 1st Service : 9:30am (Eng – Thai) 2nd Service : 11:30am (Eng only)

Register in Living Streams Members Database

Register yourself in our church database system for verification and future communication from the church.

This step is only required once. Those who have filled in this form since May 2020 doesn’t have to register again. Please proceed to the next step.

1. Add Living Streams Line Account

Add Living Streams Official “Line” account as your contact by scanning this QR Code in your Line application or click the button below

2. Reserve Seats

Text your “First and last name” to our Line account. Wait for our staff to verify your account and follow instruction.

3. Wait for Confirmation

Wait for confirmation from our staff. On Sunday morning, please inform your phone number at the registration desk. Our staff will also do thermoscan and health check for everyone attending the service before entering the auditorium.

*Please be on time for services. Your seats will be reserved for only 10 minutes after the service starts. In case of late check-in Living Streams reserves right to cancel the booking and give seats to those in waiting cues.